Art, Figures & Web

TattoosYou can buy tattoo designs and see some custom tat art.
Also, info about how to care for your tat and hire Keiken to create a custom design.

FiguresResin figures painted & assembled with custom parts added.
See works-in-progress pictures and how to care for them.

Paintings & drawingsOriginal art on canvas, paper, etc.
Fantasy and realistic works like faeries, mermaids, cat-people, dangerous women, and expressive paintings.

MerchandiseNumerous products with Keiken art available.
Shirts, bags, mugs, phone cases, notebooks, playing cards, and much more.

Website designWeb design that is desktop and mobile ready.
With more than 10 years of experience, let me help you create the website you want.

If you are using a mobile browser such as Opera and notice that the menu is not stuck to the top of the page, much of this site won't work.
Please use something like Droid's internet, iPhone's Safari, Chrome or Firefox to browse.
2016 Updates
April 27 -

Hanako has a couple new progress pictures. I need to put some more tattoo images on here, as well. In addition to the tattoos, I am currently working on two websites. Things are happily busy at the moment.

April 9 -

Took a bit longer than I expected, but here's the new merchandise page. There are phone cases, shirts, bags, notebooks, mugs, playing cards, gift boxes, and other items available. It's under the ART tab in the top menu.

There is also a new picture in Hanako's progress. She's almost done with the base painting and ready for shading. She's been an interesting experiment. I used different brand/kind of paint than normal on parts of it, and while it does have some advantages, I don't think I'll continue using that particular paint.

March 24 -

Great changes are happening on the website! I'm increasing the readability (people shouldn't have to squint to read a web page), as well as making adjustments to usability.

For older updates, go here.

Drawing will be held June 30th, 2016.

If you are the winner, you will receive a free fancel of Sora from Kaleido Star, as shown on the right. (You can't see the picture if your screen is too small, like a cellphone. You can see the cel by either going to the cel page or by using a larger screen.)

To enter, contact me and choose "Enter Contest" in the subject drop-down list. (You must enter a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.)

You can also enter by regular mail.

To view all the rules, look at the legal page.

Free stuff!
Here are some freebies that you'll find on the site. Enjoy!
Line art
  • Free colouring pages.
  • Easily download & print out these pages.
  • Choose from mermaid, faerie, angel or unicorn pages. New pages will be added and old images removed.
  • (Or download them all.)
  • Free wallpapers.
  • Download one or all wallpapers.
  • In 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 sizes, new larger sizes will be coming.
Phone is answered from around noon to 6pm Central Standard Time. Please leave a message if there's no answer. I never answer when I'm painting. Email is really the best way to get in touch.
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