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Framed & unframed cels

Images (if you are buying a framed image) are framed using acid-free mats and UV protection plexiglass instead of glass to help preserve the cels. You will receive your cel already matted (not framed), but you can easily change the matting. All cels are shipped in a protective plastic cover.

Cels, light & humidity

Direct sunlight can quickly dehydrate cels and fade trace lines, but takes longer to fade painted colors. Keep cels out of direct light! The same is true for the heat generated by display lighting, so place the light a sufficient distance from the art to avoid raising its surface temperature. (** NOTE: The same is true of almost all wall-hung art!) Humidity is the chief culprit in fading trace lines, so don't hang your cels in a master bedroom with a shower. Keep your cels dry! In general, cels were not made to last forever -- they're made to film, although the utmost care has been taken to make the cels as permanent as possible.


The cels themselves are a thick, professional quality acetate.

Handling cels

In general, the less you handle any form of artwork, the longer it will last. Especially if handling an unframed cel, make sure that your hands are clean. If they are greasy (your natural body oils have built up a little), wash them thoroughly with soap, and make sure your hands are completely dry. Hold the art work by the corners, or edges. If you are holding the artwork flat, support it in the middle with your hand, and be careful to not get it dirty or greasy.

Storing cels

If you are storing an unframed cel, do not stack cels on top of one another. Do not put heavy objects on the cel. Do not leave in sunlight or where it is humid. Keep the cel flat. If the cel is matted, you can store the cel vertically, but make sure no pressure is put on the cel.

If something is stuck on the back of the cel

It is possible that any background, tape &/or paper may stick to the back of the cel. This can happen with ANY professional cel. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE ANYTHING STUCK TO THE BACK OF THE CEL! The chances of you ruining the cel are greater than you actually successfully removing paper stuck to the back.

What is a fancel?

Fancels are cels painted by fans instead of original cels by the original artists or studios. None of the fancels on this site are based on my art; they are all products of someone else's imagination and the characters belong to them.

  • Currently, cels can't be purchased online. I'm working on implementing a new shopping cart into the site. In the meantime, to purchase a piece contact Keiken.
  • To order a cel that you don't see on the site or if you would like a cel from a show not pictured, contact Keiken.
  • Because each cel is hand-drawn and -painted, there will be differences between each cel. On the plus side, this means that if you want to change the colours on your cel, just request that when you order the cel.
  • All cels come with mats, basic painted backgrounds and boards which are included in the price. The background you receive may not be the same background shown.
  • The cels are 9 x 12, unless stated otherwise in the description. Sizes listed are the unmatted, unframed size of the original — matted and framed pictures are larger. Sizes are in inches.
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