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Limited Editions
Limited Editions

More limited editions are being added and removed as they complete their run, so check back time to time.

Currently, these can't be purchased online. For more information, look at the bottom of the page.

[Click on images for close-ups. Please allow that my picture-taking skills are VERY poor.]

NightmareLimited to:
200 prints

Blue Face 2018

Blue Face 2018Limited to:
200 prints

Diablo Gals

Diablo GalsLimited to:
50 prints

Unthawed imagination

Unthawed imaginationLimited to:
150 prints

Speaking to the winds

Speaking to the windsLimited to:
150 prints

Fairy fleur

Fairy fleurLimited to:
100 prints

  • Currently, these can't be purchased online. I'm working on implementing a new shopping cart into the site. In the meantime, to purchase a piece contact Keiken.
  • Prices:
    • $ 24.99 for the 8" x 10" size unframed but matted print
    • $ 29.99 for the 11" x 14" size unframed but matted print
    • $ 89.99 for the 8" x 10" size framed, matted print
    • $ 119.99 for the 11" x 14" size framed, matted print
  • These can also be special ordered in larger sizes. To order a larger size, contact Keiken. Pricing will vary depending on size.
  • Shipping cost in the Continental United States (see the FAQ page for more shipping information or prices to other locations):
    • $ 1 - 100 purchase : $ 14.99
    • $ 101 or over purchase : FREE
  • All prints are Giclée (see the FAQ page for a definition).
  • NOTE: The shipping time for some prints may take up to a month or slightly longer, since they need to be special ordered if I do not have them in stock. I will let you know in an email after the purchase if a particular print is in stock or not or you can contact me before ordering to get a better idea about the timeline (when the shopping cart is implemented a more accurate idea of what is in stock will be visible). You can choose to cancel your whole or partial purchase within 24 hours of first contact by me & all monies will be refunded at that time for what you have canceled.
  • Sizes listed are the unmatted, unframed size of the original — matted and/or framed pictures are larger. Sizes are in inches.
  • The digital watermarks across the pictures are NOT on the actual pieces.
fairy design
Currently, contacting me through the contact form is the fastest and most reliable way. I will always try and answer within 24 hours if needed.
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