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Limited Editions
Limited Editions

Currently, these can't be purchased online. I'll eventually (maybe) implement a shopping cart into the site to allow the purchase of limited editions — I'm not entirely sure it's worth the cost since it would take time away from working on other things. For more information, look at the bottom of the page.

[Click on images for close-ups. Please allow that my picture-taking skills are VERY poor.]
Diablo Gals

Diablo GalsLimited to:
50 prints


WushuLimited to:
150 prints

Wushu II

Wushu IILimited to:
150 prints


ILimited to:
20 prints


IILimited to:
20 prints

Unthawed imagination

Unthawed imaginationLimited to:
150 prints

Speaking to the winds

Speaking to the windsLimited to:
150 prints

Cover cat

Cover catLimited to:
50 prints

Fairy fleur

Fairy fleurLimited to:
100 prints


WarrioroboLimited to:
200 prints

  • Currently, these can't be purchased online. I'm working on implementing a new shopping cart into the site. In the meantime, to purchase a piece, contact Keiken.
  • Prints are also available for most of the art on this page.
  • Frame, mat & hardware are included in the price of all pictures, which are listed if the original is available. The price of an unframed, unmatted print is $ 50 $30 until the end of 2017. The price of a framed, matted print is $ 120 $95 until the end of 2017.
  • All prints are Giclée (see the FAQ page for a definition). Prints come on 11" x 14" paper, unless noted in the description.
  • NOTE: The shipping time for some prints may take up to a month or slightly longer, since they need to be special ordered if I do not have them in stock. I will let you know in an email after the purchase if a particular print is in stock or not or you can contact me before ordering to get a better idea about the timeline. You can choose to cancel your whole or partial purchase within 24 hours of first contact by me & all monies will be refunded at that time for what you have canceled.
  • Sizes listed are the unmatted, unframed size of the original -- matted and framed pictures are larger. Sizes are in inches.
  • The digital watermarks across the pictures are NOT on the actual pieces.
fairy design
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