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Info About Figures
Information about figures

These kinds of figures have been around for a long time, but these resin figures are not as common in the United States as vinyl or plastic figures are. The resin takes a lot more work to complete well.

What is a garage kit?

A garage kit is a figure made of hard resin or vinyl (I only work on the resin kits). It sometimes comes in lots of pieces, always unpainted and unfinished. It takes a LOT of work to finish a garage kit, some more than others. Garage kits are usually based on well-known characters that are geared toward the audience: comic book, animation and figures based on paintings by famous painters are the most common.

How delicate are the figures?

Pretty delicate. They cannot be played with. They should be displayed behind glass just like any other collectible figure. That's the reason why Keiken is not shipping most of them -- the likelihood that they would break during transport. See the map section, below, to see where they can be hand delivered.

The figures that can be shipped will be marked as "Available to ship." Any figure not marked like that cannot be shipped.

What are painting services?

It's when someone has a garage kit that they don't want to finish themselves, so they hire someone to complete it for them.

Does Keiken offer painting services?

Absolutely! The cost to do a kit would depend on the size of the kit, the kind of base you'd like, how much modification the kit would need, the detail of the painting/prepping, the resin quality (some resin is SO hard to work on), and the condition of the kit when it's received (it's actually better to get it without having anything done to it since it's easier to go from the base kit instead of stripping it down before working on it).

What if I want a character but I don't have it? Can Keiken get it for me?

Possibly. I would certainly try. Not every figure has a kit, and not every kit is available. Most are only availble for a short time, since they're made in limited quantities. Just contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Where kits will be delivered to:

I will deliver anywhere in the radius of Nashville/Knoxville/Chattanooga Tennessee and Columbia, Kentucky.


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