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Son Goku monkey girl
Son Goku monkey girl (a.k.a. Ninja Momo)
[Click on images for close-ups. Please allow that my picture-taking skills are VERY poor.]
Monkey girl / Ninja Momo custom figure

Monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Son Goku / monkey girl close up


Side view of monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Angled view

Dramatic picture of monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Side view

Weapon of Son Goku / Monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Multi-coloured weapon

Rear image of Monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Rear view

Close-up of Monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Closer rear view

Beautiful skin tone of Monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Another picture

Close up of Son Goku / Monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Closer picture

The outit of Monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Shiny outfit

Monkey girl / Ninja Momo balancing on the wood

Well balanced

Close-up of Monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Closer image

Detailed view of Monkey girl / Ninja Momo

Top view

Son Goku monkey girl (a.k.a. Ninja Momo)
  • From Japanese sculptor Kouichi Yamazaki (TANDEM TWIN)
  • Size:
    1/6 scale, about 20" tall from bottom of base to top of staff
  • Number of parts:
  • Custom parts:
    staff, including metal straps; base using real cedar wood and moss
  • Completed in:
  • Misc. details:
    The hair colour you see isn't what was originally planned. I had originally painted about half her hair a much lighter colour, but life got busy and by the time I was able to work on her again, the paint in the container had dried. Since I mix my paints by hand and don't follow any kind of recipe, I had to repaint all of her hair. The cedar wood she's standing on is a piece that I found had broken off of a tree as I was walking in the woods. The original piece was almost two feet long but has obviously been cut way down.
  • To see her in progress:
    See her wip page
  • $ 200
  • Painted, completed sculptures. Only ONE is available, the one shown (they are not created in bulk). Currently, these can't be purchased online. To purchase one contact Keiken.
  • These are garage kits, not original Keiken concept art, although each piece is a one-of-a-kind due to being completed by Keiken with custom modifications.
  • Don't know what a garage kit is? Look here for an explanation or for painting services.
  • EVERY piece has unique things which have been done to it, such as real metal earrings, real metal swords, or extra pieces sculpted on.
  • Due to the delicate nature of these pieces, thay cannot usually be shipped. They are hand delivered within the middle Tennessee-ish area in the United States. Look here for details at the bottom of the page.
  • To see works in progress, visit this page.
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