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Hanako garage kit


Close-up of Hanako


Another view of Hanako

Even closer

Side view of the Hanako figure

Side angle

Closer of Hanako

A bit closer

Close up of Hanako

Rear view

Hanako's balance

Side view

Another Hanako view

Another angle

Close-up of the butterfly


Another angle of Hanako

Face shot

Another angle of Hanako

Another angle

Another face view of Hanako

That face!

Holstein Hanako
  • An original character by Tsukasa Bullet, known for his voluptious ladies
  • Size:
    1/4 scale, about 9" tall
  • Number of parts:
  • Custom parts:
    rings attached to collar are metal, rings between top parts are metal, created legs and antennae for butterfly — all made of metal
  • Completed in:
  • Misc. details:
    She is often depicted in a black and white patchy outfit, but I wanted her to be a brown cow (so I guess she's no longer Holstein Hanako, now she's Jersey Hanako?). Also, the small middle ring holding her top together took me nearly two hours to attach, since it's so small and it kept dropping from my tweezers or flying across the room. I still haven't found most of the renegade links.
  • Sold in store
  • Only ONE figure is ever available, the one shown on the figures for sale page (they are not created in bulk). Currently, these can't be purchased online. To purchase one contact Keiken.
  • These are garage kits, not original Keiken concept art, although each piece is a one-of-a-kind due to being completed by Keiken with custom modifications.
  • Don't know what a garage kit is? Look here for an explanation or for painting services.
  • EVERY piece has unique things which have been done to it, such as real metal earrings, real metal swords, or extra pieces sculpted on.
  • Due to the delicate nature of these pieces, thay cannot be shipped. I will hand deliver them, within a certain geographical area in the United States. Look here for details.
  • To see works in progress, visit this page.
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