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Extra flash on Ai

Extra flash

Extra flash on Ai

Extra flash

Ready for Ai's last coat of primer


Ready to paint

Paint ready

Reference material


Painting in progress

In progress

The paint colours

The paints

Ai's hair colour 1

Hair try 1

Ai's hair colour 2

Hair try 2

Ai's hair colour shaded

Shaded hair

Ai's ribbon

Ribbon painting

Ai's ribbon part 2

Ribbon part 2

Attaching Ai to base

Missing something...

Last step

Last step

So hot!

So hot!

Ai Amano (天野 あい Amano Ai)

Ai is the main female character from Video Girl Ai (電影少女 Dennei Shoujo).

There aren't many pictures of her in progress since she was quite well sculpted ans the flash wasn't terrible.

Usually when I prime, I use an automotive type since the nicer model type costs so much. The automotive does cause some dulling of the fine features, though, so this time I went with a very light mist of the automotive kind until she was fixed enough for the final primer coat then went with the more expensive Tamiya primer. I ran out in the middle, but luckily Hobby Lobby had two cans left of the Tamiya primer.

I wanted to do something really cool for her base, so I managed to get one of her actual VHS tapes and use it. But it seemed to be missing something, so I decided to add some glow-in-the-dark resin. I had no idea that stuff gets as hot as it does — it literally melted the plastic cup I used and I couldn't even pick it up. It was totally worth it, though, because the base is incredible.

To see how she came out, check out her for sale page.

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  • EVERY piece has unique things which have been done to it, such as real metal earrings, real metal swords, or extra pieces sculpted on.
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