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Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash (Wonderbolt repaint)
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Wonderbolt original figure

Raindow Dash

Getting Wonderbolt ready


After first coat of primer


Details of Wonderbolt's seams

Seam lines

Tail of Wonderbolt

Making a tail

Getting there

Getting there

Almost done

Almost done

Rainbow Dash (Wonderbolt repaint)

This is a plastic Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony that the client wants repainted into a Wonderbolt version.

Originally, the tail was supposed to be left alone, but the client wanted a sculpted tail instead so that was built using a wire base.

To see the completed figure, check out Wonderbolt's page.

  • This page shows progress of both sold figures and not-yet-sold figures. To see which figures are currently available to purchase, head to the figures for sale page. To purchase one, contact Keiken.
  • These are garage kits, not original Keiken concept art, although each piece is a one-of-a-kind due to being completed by Keiken with custom modifications.
  • Don't know what a garage kit is? Look here for an explanation or for painting services.
  • EVERY piece has unique things which have been done to it, such as real metal earrings, real metal swords, or extra pieces sculpted on.
  • Due to the delicate nature of these pieces, thay cannot be shipped. I will hand deliver them, within a certain geographical area in the United States. Look here for details.
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