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Yuki kit being cleaned


Drying Yuki pieces


Patching the figure

Broken hair

Adding weight and stability to Yuki's base

Adding weight

Trying to fix Yuki's top

Trying to fix

Closer view of Yuki's top


Inside view of Yuki's fixed top

Inside view

Another bath

Another bath

Dry fit test on base

Fit test

Huge gap in Yuki's top

Huge gap

More problems with Yuki's top

More top issues

And even more top issues

It doesn't align

This top is driving me crazy!

More fixing

Parts of Yuki ready to primer

Ready to primer

Yuki's microphone


Yuki's parts ready for the first primer

Ready for primer

Yuki's first layer of primer

First primer

More sanding of Yuki's pieces

Sanding again

Details of Yuki

Ready to paint

Yuki in progress

In progress

Yuki's gun

Yuki's gun

Yuki's face

Her face

Yuki's hair in progress

Yuki's hair

Progress of Yuki

Getting there...

Yuki in progress

More progress

Attaching Yuki's top

Still a gap

Yuki in progress

Attaching the top

Painting Yuki's gorgeous eyes

Painting eyes

The paints used for Yuki's eyes

The paints

Putting Yuki's hair together, part 1

1. Before

Putting Yuki's hair together, part 2

2. Fixing

Putting Yuki's hair together, last part

3. Complete

Attaching and fixing Yuki's collar, part 1

1. Before

Attaching and fixing Yuki's collar, part 2

2. Fixing

Attaching and fixing Yuki's collar, last part

3. Complete


There are lots of pictures and explanations for Yuki, since the most convienient way for the client to keep track of the progress was to check for these wip images.

To see how she came out, check out her sold page.

  • This page shows progress of both sold figures and not-yet-sold figures. To see which figures are currently available to purchase, head to the figures for sale page. To purchase one, contact Keiken.
  • These are garage kits, not original Keiken concept art, although each piece is a one-of-a-kind due to being completed by Keiken with custom modifications.
  • Don't know what a garage kit is? Look here for an explanation or for painting services.
  • EVERY piece has unique things which have been done to it, such as real metal earrings, real metal swords, or extra pieces sculpted on.
  • Due to the delicate nature of these pieces, thay cannot be shipped. I will hand deliver them, within a certain geographical area in the United States. Look here for details.
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