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2023 updates

September 17 -

Very excited to show the completed Yoko! I think she came out beautifully and she's quite large. Unfortunately, she's not actually for sale right now. I've moved, so she's in storage for a while until things are 100% settled, which may take quite a while.

In the meantime, I have a website I need to finish for a client and if everything goes as I'm hoping, I'll be able to do more actual paintings and drawings in 2024.

August 7 -

Small website updates, thinking about doing a full website overhaul. I'm getting a bit tired of this layout. All figures have been removed from the sale page, since they are all in storage at this point. When new figures get done, they will be up instead.

May 20 -

Many items on the website have been removed and items sold have been moved to the correct pages, etc. So a very needed website update has happened.

With a bit of luck, the Yoko will be completed in the next couple months. The only thing that needs to be finished on her is the base, but it's taking quite a bit of time. I've even custom made some metal shells for her gun, so the custom details in this piece are really great. Look forward to the completed piece! :)

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