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Art (various kinds)
  • Discontinued :: Take a peek at items no longer offered.
  • Merchandise :: Phone cases, shirts, bags, notebooks, mugs, playing cards, gift boxes, and other items are available.
  • Figures :: Very cool sculptures to cherish for years, but they must be hand-delivered.
  • Figures already sold :: Figures that have already sold, but fun to look at.
  • Tattoo designs :: See designs you can purchase.
  • Tattoos retired :: Look at custom designs created for people.
Art to hang
Website design and development
  • Website design :: Some examples of recent websites built by me. You can also see how they look on various size devices.
  • About :: Provides general information about Keiken Illustrations, including pictures of murals & other works for hire.
  • Cel information :: How to handle, care for and store cels.
  • Contact :: Contact information: address, e-mail & phone number. Can also send an e-mail or enter to win the next drawing from here.
  • F.A.Q.s :: Answers questions regarding ordering. This is the place to purchase gift certificates or make payments. Includes shipping charge information.
  • Figure information :: If you want to know what resin garage kits are and where Keiken delivers them, this is where to look.
  • Legal statement :: Keiken Illustrations legal statemnt regarding usage of this web site.
  • Privacy statement :: Learn about Keiken Illustrations' privacy policy.
  • Tattoo information :: Want to know how to take care of your new tattoo or choose a tattoo artist? Look here for some answers and download a tattoo aftercare sheet.
  • Figures in progress :: Want to know what sculptures Keiken is currently working on? You can see works-in-progress pictures here.
  • Fun & extras page :: Find interactive & free things here: wallpapers, colouring pages, etc.
  • Home :: Read the latest updates & see the latest prizes.
  • Links :: See some other great web sites.
fairy design
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