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Shirts, bags, mugs, phone cases, notebooks, and much more. The purchse options link opens in a new window.

  • These are original designs for sale on Zazzle, an online store that takes all major credit cards and Paypal. All the pricing is on their site.
  • Click a design to see on what items (shirts, mugs, notebooks, etc.) the design is offered.
  • If you can only see a few different designs, even if they are on many products, you may need to adjust the CONTENT FILTER settings on the Zazzle site. Scroll down and you'll see the selection on the left.
  • If you like a design but it is not offered on a particular product, contact me and I will design one for you.
fairy design
Please leave a message if there's no answer. I never answer when I'm painting or coding. Your call will be returned as soon as possible, nearly always within the hour.
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