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Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
- Pinup style -
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A different take on the Disney movie.

Beauty and the Beast, pin-up style
  • Based on the Disney version of the story, image includes the rose and Belle's books.
  • Intended size:
    5 x 7 inches or larger.
  • Would look great:
    On an arm, hip or upper leg.
  • $ 60
  • These are designs that you can take to your local tattoo artist and have inked.
  • Sizes are in inches and watermarks are NOT on the final design.
  • Regardless of intended tat size, each downloaded image comes in a size to fill a standard letter-size paper (8.5 x 11). Your tattoo artist can resize the image as needed.
  • After paying, you will be immediately taken to a page to download the art in a zip file. Tattoo designs come with full-colour image, stencil image and (if needed) image showing shading.
  • Non-custom tattoo designs are sold until the design is retired, unlike custom designs which are only sold once.
  • For more information about tattoos, including guidelines for choosing a good tattooist and a tattoo pain chart, look at the tattoo information page.
  • To get your own custom tattoo design, contact Keiken.
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