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2019 updates

Dec 25 -

Hope everyone has had a good 2019 and will have a better 2020!

In other news, it's been so long since I've uploaded any new art images that I found something slightly older that is a fun piece: a pin-up version of Snow White. She started as an official Disney Princess porcelain doll and wound up as a tattooed pin-up.

Nov 11 -

A new website has been added to the websites page. The site is to rent horses and carriages for things like weddings or parades. Great horses, carriages and people are at Lace Ribbons Carriage. In other website news, I am still working on updating this site so items can be purched directly online.

In the meantime, Yoko is still being worked on and is nearing completion. There are a couple of new in-progress images on her page.

July 13 -

The Xtreme Pressure Wash image and link has now been added to the websites page. Progress is also being made (slowly) on Yoko, although there are no new images to post of her. I'll work on getting some in-progress images up soon.

For older updates, go here.

Free stuff!
Here are some freebies that you'll find on the site. Enjoy!

fairy design
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