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2021 updates

May 2 -

The art world has been slow for me, but I am hoping to create some new stuff fairly soon. Also, the merchandise page has been updated. A bunch of items have been removed and this is where I hope to add more things soon.

2020 updates

Dec. 3 -

Well, this dumpster fire of a year is finally almost over. I've never been so happy to have a year over. Here's hoping next year will be considerably better.

Last image posting of the year: the custom astronaut and deep sea diver skateboard in-progress and completed images have now been posted. You can see them on its page.

Oct. 3 -

Just finished a commission birthday present skateboard that I need to put on the site. This year has been so crazy, it's difficult to find the time to update the website. But I'm still around & kicking and hope you all are, too! You may notice that I've changed the feel of this website a bit recently, though.

For older updates, go here.

Free stuff!
Here are some freebies that you'll find on the site. Enjoy!

fairy design
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